quinta-feira, março 02, 2006

Life will go on...

" I understand your point of view...
letting me go, but I thought you had more faith
everything I've done for you,
you made the mistakes
and now you throw these in my face
I had work so hard for you
all of this time and you cast me aside
I understand your point of view...
but I can't seem to get my head around
all the things that I feel good about always seem to disappear... "

Melanie C - Better Alone

" tender dreams, shadows fall
love too sweet, to recall
dry your eyes, face the dawn
life will go on, life will go on
broken heart find your way
make it through just this day
face the world on your own
life will go on, life will go on.... "

Chris Issak - Life Will Go On

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dotluckystrike disse...

hoje eu não to muito bem Ooto sentindo uma coisa errada, depois te conto...
miguin, o email já vai!

ah, eu tenho um blogspot

dotluckystrike disse...